• Image of ALL OF US FIRST unisex ZIP-UP HOODY

Just in time for the winter this 100% organic cotton EarthPositive zip-up hoodie is as stylish as it is warm. Our "All of Us First" motto is printed in lively teal to the side of the zipper in big bold block letters in the style of the interior cover of our Common Weal book.

Our Earth Positive products are well known for their thorough ethical and sustainability credentials. As members of the FairWear Foundation, they are contractually held responsible to maintain a Zero Tolerance policy throughout the production chain with regard to child and forced labour and the enforcement of payment of living wage and safe and healthy working conditions. They are also members of the Environmental Justice Foundation and all their garments are GOTS certified.


  • Small - 49cm (half Chest Measurement)
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  • Medium - 52cm (half Chest Measurement)
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  • Large - 55cm (half Chest Measurement)
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  • XLarge - 58cm (half Chest Measurement)
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  • XXLarge - 62cm (half Chest Measurement)
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