This 300 page book by the Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network has been forged through grassroots activism by and with people at the sharp end of 'welfare reform'. It illuminates everyday battles to maintain human dignity and even existance in the face of the new punitive welfare state. It is about solidarity and mutual support, but it is also about understanding and taking on the bigger politics behind this brave new world of coercion and control.

It has been written for everyone who wants to comprehend what is happening and what we can do about it - and maybe even have a laugh along the way.

'I am convinced that the network must have saved many vulnerable people from going over the edge, as has tragically happened in many parts of the country. I am not surprised now that this same group has written this marvellous book.' - Paul Laverty, Screenwriter for 'I, Daniel Blake'

Warning - this book will make you angry!

Available to download in e-book format for free and/or by making a much appreciated donation from the drop-down menu below.

To access your copy, please go to the following link to download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxdJUjRvYfh_MlhIcHlUR0c3YlU

Enjoy, share and discuss as you wish!


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