Ever wanted to gift Common Weal Products, but weren't quite sure what the recipient of your affections would actually like best?

Now you can buy gift vouchers in amounts that would cover the price + shipping costs of most of our products. Recipients of the Common Weal Gift Vouchers can use their confirmation code at checkout to pay for their full or partial order or they can choose to use it as an online donation. If they happen to be satisfied with something cheaper than the products covered by the voucher, they can always either stock up on £1 badges or donate the balance to Common Weal!

You will automatically receive a confirmation email with your order number for your records. We will then email you a separate message to your email address with your unique voucher code within 24 hours. This email (specifically the unique code) is the Gift Voucher.

If you would prefer for the Voucher to be emailed to a different email address, please type it in the first line of the "shipping address" within the Paypal checkout screen, or drop us a line with your preference through our contact form.


  • £3.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    100 in stock
  • £7.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    100 in stock
  • £12.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    99 in stock
  • £14.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    100 in stock
  • £18.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    98 in stock
  • £25.00 GIFT VOUCHER
    97 in stock
  • £33.00 GIFT VOUCHERS
    100 in stock